The sky has no limit

Are you ready to transform your creative vision into a stunning reality? Welcome to Mirage3D, where innovation, imagination, and expertise converge to elevate your visual projects to new heights.

Rent Our Green Screen Studio!

Our spacious green screen studio will bring your vision to life, whether you’re working on a film, a virtual production, a marketing video, a commercial, a photoshoot or a live-stream event.

We rent our green screen studio for a half or full day, which can range from basic studio rental to a fully produced shoot with a complete crew, catering and sets. Our post-production team can process your footage and edit, composite, grade and add VFX. Anything is possible! Our team is at your service.

Post Production Combining It All

In our editing and grading suite Mirage3D can polish and finalize your footage and create stunning 8K images.
Mirage3D has a full fledged post-production and VFX team in-house.
We can offer Editing, Compositing, VFX, and Grading services.

VFX Let Reality And Imagination Blend

VFX goes back to the very roots of our studio. Our 3D team will bring your ideas to life, crafting captivating animations that immerse your audience into a new dimension. We are known for our meticulous attention to detail when it comes to recreating realistic scenes and photorealistic 3D models.
Through compositing, we will blend reality and imagination together.

Creative Vision Through Colour

At Mirage3D, we understand that the right colour palette can transform your visuals from ordinary to extraordinary. Our professional colour grading service is designed to breathe life and emotion into your projects. Whether it’s a subtle adjustment to achieve a specific mood or a vibrant burst of colour to make your content pop, our skilled colourists are here to turn your vision into a masterpiece.

Let’s Elevate Together

If you’re in need of hiring a certified drone pilot, Mirage3D is your go-to destination! We’re here to assist you in capturing stunning professional aerial photography all over the world.
From small-scale passion projects to large-scale giant-screen undertakings, we’re equipped for it all.

Pioneers In 360

At Mirage3D we are pioneers in immersive storytelling and delivering immersive experiences through 360 and fulldome productions. Our expertise isn’t just about capturing scenes from every angle; it’s about immersing your audience in unforgettable journeys. From concept to post-production, we ensure each project is a work of art. Whether it’s immersive planetarium shows or captivating virtual reality experiences, we employ cutting-edge technology to create worlds without boundaries. We will turn your visions into realities!

Virtual Production

Our Virtual Production and Mixed Reality Studio, provides an ideal platform for filmmakers, cinematographers, directors, producers and creatives to shoot in-camera VFX.
We offer the latest real-time technologies. (camera tracking, game engines, media servers) for delivering in-camera VFX or XR (Extended Reality) and professional livestream to make your projects flexible and save time.