Mirage3D is a Dutch VFX Animation and Film Studio based in The Hague. We specialize in Giant Screen, Fulldome and Immersive content and operate one of the largest greenscreen studios in the country.



 Our services include: Script writing, Directing, Production, Editing, Music Score management, Music Selection.

Aerial Cinematography

Aviation is in our blood. We operate Drones, Helicopters, Autogyros Gyrocopters and fixed wing aircraft for a myriad of differtent Aerial Cinematography applications. Our team consist of experienced and certified pilots, gimbal and camera operators.

Virtual Reality

Due to our 20+ years of experience in Giant Screen and Fulldome film production we are used to think in 360 degrees and are the right partner for your VR projects. We have experience in immersive live action shooting with an extensive range of immersive 360 cameras,and immersive CGI production.


Our services include: Chromakeying, Rotoscoping, CGI, 3D Animation, Dynamics (particles, water), Compositing, Colour grading

2D & 3D animation

Our niche is the creation of highend 3D computer graphics which can co-exist with the live action footage of your projects.