Rent our Green Screen Studio!

Our spacious green screen studio will bring your vision to life, whether you’re working on a film, a virtual production, a marketing video, a commercial, a photoshoot or a live-stream event.

We rent our green screen studio for a half or full day, which can range from basic studio rental to a fully produced shoot with a complete crew, catering and sets. Our post-production team can process your footage and edit, composite, grade and add VFX. Anything is possible! Our team is at your service.

We understand that your projects often require more than just the studio itself.
That’s why we also provide a selection of essential accessories and equipment to kickstart your shoot and enhance your experience.

Basic rental includes:

  • The Green Screen Studio
  • Makeup & Dressing Room
  • Production / Lunchroom
  • Fast Wifi
  • Air Conditioning & Heating
  • Power usage
  • 92 x ceiling mounted tablet controlled LED lights (see technical info)
  • 10 x additional LED panels for floor use (see technical info)
  • 4 x Litepanel LED 1×1 feet ( Combined ) for floor use
  • 3 x Avenger Steel Combo Stand 45 – 179cm / 450cm on wheels
  • 2 x Avenger Steel Combo Stand 20 – 110cm / 198cm on wheels
  • 4 x ground level mobile light stands
  • 2 x free parking spots on request, unlimited paid parking in front of door
  • USB & Radio Speaker
  • Demo TV 75″ on pedestal and wheels
  • Coffee & Tea

Basic rental - partial day (5 hrs)

€650 25% weekend fee
  • Fully equipped chroma key studio
  • Lights & Power included

Package on request

  • please contact us for more information

Also good to know about our Green Screen Studio:

  • It is pre-lit by the ceiling mounted lights, which are controllable via tablet.
  • It has a large 1.5 Meter Radius Limbo.
  • Studio has an acoustic ceiling.
  • A soundproof wall around the entire studio, roof garden, and soundproof doors, minimize sounds from outside even during heavy rain.

Additional options

If you are looking for more specific equipment, please inquire about the possibilities. Additionally, we can assist you in assembling a crew, including a director, cinematographer, lighting technician, sound technician, make-up artist, production assistant and runner. 

Furthermore, we are also happy to collaborate with you on your post-production as Mirage3D has a full fledged post-production and VFX team in-house.

We can offer Editing, Compositing, VFX, and Grading services.

Additional crew, rooms & equipment

  • Host
  • Director
  • Cinematographer
  • Lighting/Gaffer
  • Sound technician
  • Make up artist
  • Production assistant
  • Runner
  • Control room (with view into the green screen) for live broadcasts.
  • 1 Gbps internet up / down
  • Additional offices and working space
  • Single man lift (to reach ceiling)
  • Backup internet system via satellite
  • Wind machines
  • Treadmill
  • Camera & audio equipment (see list)

Technical information

  • Green Screen Dimensions: 13.5 x 14.8 x 11.5 meters with a walkable area of 12 x 12 x 10 meters, taking the limbo into account. The green screen has a height of 4.8 meters and the ceiling height is 5.8 meters.
  • Power Current: 1x 220v 32A en 1x 380V 32Amp and 7 x 220v 16A
  • 92 x Tablet controlled ceiling mounted LED lights (brightness and color temperature controlled via tablet) (lights are Swit CL-120D – Bi-Color 120W DMX Studio LED panels)
  • 10 additional Swit CL-120D – Bi-Color 120W DMX Studio LED panels for floor use
  • 4 x Litepanel LED 1×1 feet ( Combined )
  • 3 x Avenger Steel Combo Stand 45 – 179cm / 450cm on wheels
  • 2 x Avenger Steel Combo Stand 20 – 110cm / 198cm on wheels


Mirage3D is easily accessible by public transport to Den Haag CS & HS, which is a 7-minute walk away.

Alternatively, you can reach us by car via the A12/Utrechtsebaan, taking exit 3, Schenkviaduct.
We have a driveway that directly connects to the garage door, making loading and unloading easy. Which includes two parking spots. Additionally, there is more than enough paid parking space right in front of the studio.

The distance to Rotterdam – The Hague Airport is 19km,
and the distance to Schiphol Airport is 51km.

House rules