Tokyo Origami

Discover the heart and soul of Tokyo in the captivating VR documentary series “Tokyo Origami” by Cosm Studios. This remarkable series unfolds in eight immersive episodes, with an eighth one on the way, each shedding light on a different facet of life in this iconic city. Now available for viewing on Oculus TV within the Oculus Quest Platform, “Tokyo Origami” lets you explore Tokyo’s rich culture, traditions, and modern innovations.

Meta and Cosm Studios commissioned this VR project to Mirage3D Studios. Over the course of three months, the production team, led by Robin Sip, directed the episodes on location in Japan, with the help of the local production company Virgin Earth. While the team of Mirage3D Studios in The Hague was simultaneously handling the post production and delivery of the episodes to Meta and Cosm.

Episode Highlights:

EP.01 – Career Women: Witness the evolving role of women in the Japanese workplace as you meet confident and entrepreneurial individuals like Risako, a fashion designer, and Imada-san, an internet entrepreneur, who are leading Japan into the future.

EP.02 – Breakdancing: Dive into the world of breakdancing in Tokyo, where two world champions and a young Olympic hopeful share their passion for this dynamic art form that has become an official Olympic sport.

EP.03 – Scooter Girl: Take a virtual road trip with Minima Chigasaka, known as “Scooter Girl,” as she explores the picturesque Izu Peninsula.

EP.04 – From Fish Market to Sushi: Immerse yourself in the vibrant Tokyo fish markets and follow a highly-awarded sushi chef as he crafts exquisite dishes from the day’s catch.

EP.05 – Karate in Japan: Join the journey of Daiki, a young boy who discovers the spirit of Karate in Okinawa, the birthplace of the sport.

EP.06 – Tattoos and Taboos: Delve into Japan’s intriguing taboo culture, from ancient tattoo art to the vibrant underground cosplay scene at Tokyo’s Department-H.

EP.07 – What Shinto Means to Me: Experience the spiritual significance of Shintoism in Tokyo through the eyes of Akemi and her friends as they visit sacred shrines.

EP.08 – Eyes of an Otaku: Step into Akihabara, the famed “Electric Town,” with an Otaku as your guide, and explore his unique world of retro video games and collectibles.

Release date: 2021

Runtime: 8 episodes, with a total of 60 minutes

Available formats: VR

Available language: English