Twenty years Mirage3D!

The Mirage3D team celebrates the 20th anniversary of our company.

Back in 1998  at the International Planetarium Society Conference in London, the first demonstration of a modern fulldome planetarium projection system was made.

The next summer of 1999 Robin Sip founded Mirage3D with the intention to create independent fulldome films for this new era of planetarium projection equipment.

Today 20 years later , we have produced five of our own immersive fulldome films, and more than fifteen commissioned fulldome films.

The Mirage3D films play in over 1000 theaters Worldwide.

With every new project we tried to innovate by using new techniques, higher resolutions, implementing live action, and new ways of storytelling to appeal to a larger audience.

It has been an amazingly rewarding and sometimes difficult road of being able to sustain a company which is solely creating educational content for the dome and is inspiring young people all over the Word for science, technology and exploration.

We hope to be able to continue this service in the future and keep growing our immersive storytelling techniques for the ultimate theater that exists today: the immersive dome theater.