What we do

Recent projects

"Throne of Helios" a 17 minute 3D educational ride film for a 9D ride theater in the old city of Rhodes in Greece.
"From the Sun to the Sun" a 12 minute 3D fulldome signature film for the new Infoversum fulldome theater in Groningen, The Netherlands.
"Life under the Arctic Sky 3D" a 40 minute 3D fulldome film about the Northern Lights and Sami culture.

Virtual Reality film production on demand

Due to our 15+ years of experience in immersive film production we are the right partner for your VR projects. We have an extensive range of immersive cameras, experience in immersive live action shooting and immersive C.G. experience. We are happy to demonstrate our VR work to date.

Fulldome film production on demand

It is our job to realise your fulldome projects, either a turn key project including script design, or the visualisation part of the fulldome project. We have made over 15 commissioned fulldome films and worked on many of the big titles in the industry.

4K/Flatscreen Giant screen film production on demand

Educational or entertainment, we can realise your flatscreen film projects including all elements as live action shots, special effects, title sequences, narration recording, soundtrack and score design.

Greenscreen rental

We have our own large in house green screen which is available to your projects as well. It is (one of) the largest in the Netherlands and it can house vehicles including small planes or cars or large groups of people (dancers).

Sets can be build up as well in our studio space.

For more information or if you wish to rent our greenscreen please visit our greenscreen website on www.greenscreenthehague.nl


Our post production team is happy to perform all post-production on your live action or C.G. shots and do the keying of the green screen footage, perform colour corrections and editing.

Live action filming on location

We are available to film anywhere in the World with our 4K 3D cameras, Jibs, dollies and drones to get the shot you desire.

3D computer graphics and animation

Our niche is to create high end 3D computer graphics that near photorealism to enhance your projects.